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Home Buying - click here 16 Things to Do Immediately After Buying a Home and You Receive Your Keys Redfin article December 18, 2023 by Julia Weaver Updated on January 9th, 2024 Congratulations on your new home! Successfully closing on a house in today’s market is an achievement worth celebrating. After navigating through the phases of house hunting, making the offer, securing a mortgage, finally closing the deal, you might be wondering what happens […]
Homeownership - click here 13 Winter Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off From Redfin January 18, 2024 by Jenna Hall   Winter is a season that often brings the desire to hunker down, stay warm, and make the most of our indoor spaces. Whether you’re aiming to fortify your home against the elements, modernize key areas, or simply elevate its overall ambiance, these projects are sure to […]
Home Buying - click here Should You Buy or Rent a Home? In today’s competitive real estate market, you may wonder if it’s better to rent a place or buy a home. Purchasing a residence can provide more privacy and future investment potential, while renting allows for more flexibility and less maintenance. Both options have a myriad of pros and cons, but it ultimately will depend on […]
Homeownership - click here 7 Tips for Creating a Healthier Home in the New Year When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, the little things can add up and make a considerable impact! It’s not just about hitting the gym or eating right – it’s also about creating a healthier home environment and adopting habits that promote overall well-being. To help you on your journey, here are some tips.. […]
Homeownership - click here 10 Things To Do in Detroit This Weekend Story by Amelia Ritter Happy holidays from Detroit! Whether you’re looking to deck the halls, find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, or just make the most of the winter wonderland, check out these 10 can’t-miss events and things to do happening in the city and the metro area this weekend, December 8-10! […]
Home Selling - click here Tips For Selling An Older Home Consider Opening up the Interior Older homes tend to have less open interiors, especially those that were built before the age of central heating and cooling. Taking steps to open up the floor plan will help the interior of the home feel more modern and may even make the home’s heating and cooling system more […]
Homeownership - click here 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Front Door The front door of your home serves as the gateway to your personal sanctuary, playing a pivotal role in first impressions, security, and energy efficiency. In this article, we delve into the five key considerations you should bear in mind when choosing a front door that complements your home’s style while ensuring safety and optimal […]
Home Selling - click here What Hurts Property Value? 7 Things to Address Now Property values fluctuate as a result of many factors, and as a homeowner, it’s important to be aware of factors that can drive home values down. Some of these factors are out of your control, such as market conditions, interest rates, and the economy, while others are very much in your control. From unappealing renovations […]
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