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Laura Monley
Associate Broker

Laura Monley

Associate Broker
6501281582 MI
Weir Manuel

Looking to buy or sell a property? Are you relocating? My knowledge and years of experience in real estate are at your service! I have been selling real estate full time since 1996 and have lived and worked in the Detroit Metropolitan area all my life.

Choosing the right real estate agent can be the pivotal factor between a seamless, insightful home buying/selling experience and a stressful one. That's why I always say it's not just about working with a client, but working for them. I pride myself on being more than just a real estate agent, I'm your partner throughout this journey.

From answering every minute query to guiding you at every step, I ensure that you're informed and comfortable. With years of experience under my belt, you won't just get another agent, you'll get a dependable advocate, passionate about turning your housing dreams into reality.

Remember, when you choose to work with me, it's not about my goals, ambitions, or quotas. It's about you, your dreams, and your aspirations. Because at the end of the day, my goals aren’t set by market trends or numbers, they're set by you.

My goals are simple; they are yours.

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